Bulls Beat #342 -
I discuss the Bulls first three games of the season, and why my championship hopes are boosted despite Derrick Rose's sprained ankle.

Bulls Beat #341 -
I discuss the camp battles in preseason, what has been revealed and what adjustments need to be made as the regular season edges closer.

Bulls Beat #340 -
Derrick rose looks great, the rest of the starters look good. I break down all the players after there preseason games.

Bulls Beat #339 -
I discuss why this season will come down to Tom Thibodeau's ability to go from great to elite coach based on how he manages rotations and creates new offensive sets

Bulls Beat #338 -
I discuss the Cavaliers recent moves and the major questions entering training camp

Bulls Beat #337 -
Derrick Rose plays poorly but comes home with the gold. Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Bruce Levenson, and Danny Ferry throw sports into a negative news cycle.

Bulls Beat #336 -
If you're a fan of Derrick Rose and can't listen to some criticism, I suggest you don't download this episode of the Bulls Beat, because well, he's playing some awful basketball.

Bulls Beat #335 -
I discuss Derrick Rose's struggles with Team USA and why they're still a good thing for Bulls fans

Bulls Beat #334 -
I discuss what it takes to win a title, the finalized Love trade, and Derrick's Team USA experience

Bulls Beat #333 -
I discuss Derrick Rose's performance in the Team USA vs Brazil exhibition, and the Bulls wing rotation

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