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Bulls Beat #317 - For three!
I discuss the Bulls rise to the three seed, coach of the year talk, and the Bulls subtle salary maneuverings.

Bulls Beat #316 - Chase for 3
I discuss the Bulls chase for the three seed, D.J. Augustin's contract situation, and the fall of Carlos Boozer.

Bulls Beat #315 - Closing out
The Bulls close out the rest of the season with 10 winnable games after completing the end of the gauntlet. I discuss the present seeding implications and whether or not D.J. Augustin and Kirk Hinrich will be back next season.

Bulls Beat #314 - Seeding
I discuss the Bulls week, the playoff race, and the rest of the Bulls season.

Bulls Beat #313 - Joakim's on a tear
I discuss the historic nature of Joakim Noah's passing, the Bulls race towards the playoffs, and why this season has turned out fun despite the Rose injury.

Bulls Beat #312 - No joy in Miami
The Chicago bulls struggled in Miami, but they've still been on a tear ripping apart opponents recently.

Bulls Beat #311 - Coming home
The Bulls emerged from their annual Ice Capades trip with a 3-3 record and return at .500, good for 5th in the East.

Bulls Beat #310 - DJ and Melo
I discuss the possibilities surrounding Carmelo Anthony and D.J. Augustin in this summer and how the Bulls can build a championship caliber team.

Bulls Beat #309 - Marguis Te-gone!
The Bulls unloaded Marquis Teague in another deal to save salary and look poised to make the playoffs as Charlotte has fallen to the perfect spot.

Bulls Beat #308 - Good luck Luol
The Bulls traded Luol Deng for a rather slim amount in return, but they're still heading towards the playoffs after winning four in a row.

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